Why Do Companies Choose Drum Cafe?

Why Do Companies Choose Drum Cafe?

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“Provide personal empowerment to lead change in a bold and authentic way.”

The beauty of our drumming program is that it illuminates how the individual can affect the outcome of the team. It’s so important to show people that their contributions make a difference. Sometimes the newest team member is the one that comes up with the game changing idea, and they need to feel supported to deliver it.


“Bonding together new hires for the first time.”

Using our events to introduce new hires to one another and a company’s culture is something many organizations have successfully used in the past. Imagine walking into your first day at work and being greeted by the sounds of drumming. Then you learn you’ll actually be making music yourself! It’s not only an exciting way to introduce people to one another, but it’s also a great icebreaker that removes the outside world and bias from the introduction and focuses on the genuine emotional connection between team members.


“Create catalytic transformation to overcome resistance.”

It’s always amazing to see the moment that a team realizes the whole is better than the sum of its parts. Sometimes teams need some encouragement to get there. One of the most common reasons people call us is to inspire their teams to collaborate to help them innovate. Whether there are personal insecurities or trust issues, or team communication issues, we help individuals break down their walls to see the bigger picture and further their ability to work collaboratively.


“Experience team work without a talk or even knowing each other.”

For many people, experiencing the power of non-verbal communication is a game changer. Non-verbal communication can be even more powerful and telling about how an individual actually feels than the words that come out of their mouth. This is significant, and a point that we don’t take lightly!


Whatever the reason people come to us, we are ready to design a program custom tailored to their needs. Using drumming as the medium levels the playing field and allows people to communicate freely and openly, allowing all members of the team to access a set of skills normally not utilized. On top of that, drumming also allows everyone to let loose and have fun!

Inspire and engage your organization with corporate team-building and entertainment events using interactive drumming. Contact us to learn more about our customized programs for corporate team building events , corporate entertainment, and conferences!