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Natalie Spiro
Natalie Spiro, Owner and Event Facilitator at Drum Cafe West
It’s the perfect time of year to reflect upon our contributions as leaders, as teammates, and as people. It’s a time of year when we gather our tribes together and pause, slipping into our heart space and giving thanks.

Giving thanks for YOU.

Thank you for embracing rhythm with us in 2014, and for sharing Ubuntu, the rhythm of connection and alignment, which translates to, “I am through others.”

As this year comes to a close and 2015 quickly approaches, let’s take a moment to reflect on the extraordinary gift of Ubuntu. This ancient belief says that, “We are made whole by our interactions with other people around us,” and it runs deep in all the tribes of Africa, binding together the collective life force of each tribal member. Ubuntu asserts that only through sharing a common humanity can a person become fully human. We tap into that humanity every time we heal the separation between each other; imposed by hierarchy, business units, competition, geography, and fear of differences. If we begin to see ourselves through our connections with others, and through others, we start to re-prioritize our thinking and our doing. It takes interconnectedness to a whole new level and penetrates the firewalls of even the deepest corporate chambers. This old and proven concept can hold the weight of us and give us flight, all at the same time.

So, thank you for taking flight with us in 2014. Whether you experienced new training, planned an event for next year or are waiting for that right opportunity to experience our outstanding team and leadership trainings and experiences, I want to thank you all.

I’d also like to thank our Drum Café West team. Many times you see me, but you don’t see the team that keeps the engine running when we trek around the country.

And most of all, let’s all give thanks for our families. They are what keep us centered and remind us daily why we do what we do. Thank you to all, we appreciate you and look forward to an exciting 2015 with you!

May this season bring you wishes fulfilled,

Natalie Spiro
The Drum Café West
“I am through others.”

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