Ana Kazeniene – EMEIA Advisory NSP Program Manager – EY

It was a perfect energizer session for a group of 950 people who worked together as one team playing drums…The energy level in the room was great, all participants were very enthusiastic to play drums and seemed to enjoy it a lot.The Drum Café team was very professional and made sure everybody is involved in the activity and enjoys it.Participants were energized for the last day of the programOur goals... Lees meer

Nicoline de Haan – Projectmanager – Martens Kunststoffen

Patrick weet precies hoe hij mensen er echt bij kan betrekken en zijn spontane humor houdt het luchtig. De link tussen drummen en vitaliteit werd goed gemaakt door Patrick, waarbij onze ‘pak je kans’ slogan er  op een leuke manier is ‘ingestampt’ tijdens het drummen ;-).Velen gaven aan deze activiteit een aangename verrassing te vinden en denken met een positief gevoel terug aan de start van het ‘vitaliteits tijdperk’ bij... Lees meer

Lieke Coppens – Project Management – Change Management Specialist L&D – ASML

The Drum Cafe interactive performance was a very fun activity, and a nice addition to the more content-related activities during our event. This allowed our 400 participants to laugh, relax and connect with each other. Also, the activity illustrated what the effect can be of a great collaboration.Patrick and his colleagues made sure all of our participants had lots of fun.I would definitely recommend Drum Cafe to anyone looking for... Lees meer

Astrid Oosterhof – HR Manager – Hodij Coatings

The goal of our reunion party was to participate and have fun!These goals are achieved. Everyone had a lot of fun.You’re session made the party complete! Lees meer

Ilse van Galen – Marketing front office – Pieter Poot – Hodij Coatings

50 personen afscheidsfeest twee directeuren en reünie.Het doel was om te samenwerken en om samen plezier maken, dat is zeker gelukt!Het gaf het feestje een mooie onderbreking, door even actief met elkaar bezig te zijn, en te lachen, brak het ijs en kwam het feest echt op gang!De sessie zorgde ervoor dat er veel werd gelachen!Een super leuke manier om de samenwerking te versterken, maar ook om lachend je feestje... Lees meer

Shanna Dien – Marketingmanager Intus Klantendag 170 participants – DeFabrique Utrecht

The goals of the energizer was to get the visitors to loosen up and feel comfortable around eachother, to entertain them, to make sure the day was not only about gaining knowledge and the business side of things but also about having fun. This was definitely achieved!!!You guys brought a smile upon each of the visitors faces and made sure people were not afraid to connect with eachother. We’re very... Lees meer

Benita Bi – Leadership Development – OLX Group

Thank you very much for the teambuildingsession for our 8 Global Leaders, our team enjoyed it very much.We had a brief debriefing the next morning and they said that after 5 or 10 years, they would still remember the drum session.They also mentioned the point of feeling relaxed and free to make some mistakes.I personally felt supported by the team when they cooperated with me for my solo part. It... Lees meer

Ariane Brackeva – Management Assistant  – Handimove

110 participants in Flanders Expo Ghent (B)The Drum Cafe event for the company’s 40 year anniversary was a huge success! It was so much fun and brought a special athmosphere to our international audience.We wanted to create the feeling of one big family, although many participants did not speak eachother’s language. Mission accomplished!!!Our dealers will never forget this experience and were deeply impressed!Het was geweldig!Dit gaan ze niet snel vergeten... Lees meer