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Stepping outside your comfortzone

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You’ve probably heard that it’s good to be stepping outside your comfortzone, look for your limits, explore new horizons … Your comfortzone is any kind of behavior that steadily keeps you at low levels of anxiety.

Daily activities do not make you restless, so they become part of your comfortzone.
Many people associate ‘stepping outside your comfort zone’ when trying new things.

But in fact, everything that is exciting can be considered as being outside that zone.

One of the main obstacles is our fear of what other people think of us.
You do not want people to think you’re weird, rude or unpleasant, right?

But wait a minute – think of the most charismatic inspiring people you have come across in your life. Ten to one that it was not always the most gentle person.

Often they are spontaneous, chatterer and charming.

Maybe they said inappropriate things made huge blunders but you loved them.

You may also be less than perfect yourself.
That makes you a lot more interesting.
Laugh with them and laugh especially at yourself.
Do something you would not normally do for fear of being mistaken.
So go and relax, bang on the drum, sing, laugh and feel the sparkling energy that comes loose … .

Have FUN stepping outside your comfortzone!