New Contact

New Contact

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Hi new contact,

Thank you for attending the network meeting and our Rhythmic Energizer.

We received your email address from BBT online so we could tell you about our services.

At the start of the program the delegates are waiting.
If they do not know each other very well this can be a bit uncomfortable.

Then…far away… they hear the beat of the African drums.
We come and collect them and invite them to enter another room.
Entering this room they see the African musicians on the floor or on the stage.
They turn their heads and see the drums waiting on the chairs….

We offer tailor made unique interactive Energizers, Icebreakers and teambuilding-sessions with drums, boomwhackers or body percussion lasting from a few minutes to several hours, from 10 to 10,000 participants

Organizations regularly ask us to emphasize the theme of the day.
No less important is the fact that the delegates have acquired fresh energy and that they have connected without talking.

Each person drums on their own drum and within a few minutes a Drum Cafe facilitator with his African musicians makes you are part of a swinging orchestra.
When you are drumming, you are automatically caught up in the group rhythm. This creates a feeling of trust and safety.

The repetition of the beat transports you, while you continue to relax. At the same time you become aware of your contribution to the music that you are making together.
We use rhythm and humor to connect each other. Laughing creates a comfortable, healthy and happy space.
In fact, laughing is an important part of keeping up delegates morale, we call this “Serious Fun”!!!

We are specialized in teambuilding, conferences and company entertainment.
Drumming is a very energetic manner to break down blockades.
Drumming creates a platform where people learn how valuable it is to listen to each other and learn with and from each other.

Experience the impact of drumming together! Drumming bonds!

During our events a powerful message is sounded that creates a bridge between language, politics, sex and age.

We break down barriers in your organization because we get your employees working together and listening to each other.

They experience in this way a feeling of pleasure and involvement.

-Immediate success guaranteed

-Demands no investment or skills

-New practical skills are gained and applied in a safe environment

-Other ways of communicating with each other

-New energy and new insights

-Improves team spirit

-Excellent manner to see your colleague from another angle, by which more respect and better cooperation exists

-Surprisingly different manner of cooperation and listening to each other

The power of drumming together:

-Decreasing stress

-Learning to cooperate

-Celebrating success together

-Creating unity and team spirit

-Relaxation through effort -Breaking down barriers (politics, cultural issues, age and sexual difference)

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