Immensely delighted

Immensely delighted

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We are immensely delighted to have partnerred Drum Cafe in our teambuilding event.To practically all the participants was not only fun and entertaining, but also educational in that lessons in communications were cleverly included in the various group activities, hence offering a different yet refreshing perspective.  We thoroughly had a great time and truly enjoyed the night.

It was indeed a fabulous evening and many thought it was different from the numerous other teambuilding sessions they had attended so far.  Said a musically-inclined band member, “It was a brilliant idea to have rhythm as the theme for this team building event. The fact that it involved the constant interaction of those present really made it enjoyable for everyone. As the facilitator mentioned, “The sound of drum beats are the first thing we hear when we are born” goes to show that it has to be an integral part of our being and how it helps us navigate through our lives and interact with others. In that spirit, if a team kept to the same tempo, all sorts of great music can be achieved.”.  Quipped a Line Manager, “through the ‘beat of the drums”, we made lovely rhythm and music to the ears, i.e., synchronization is key in all organization; to be able to have “One voice” and structured as well as organized processes in place.”.  Then again, commented a dance enthusiast: “It was the most memorable and fun get-together experience I had so far with Drum Cafe.

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The evening was lively with everyone having hands-on in the drumming and the miscellaneous musical instruments. The stage play was entertaining and fun too with participation from all.  Don’t mind experiencing it once again.”.  Observed another excited participant:  “this is the first time that I experience this type of ‘drumming’ event and is fun and enjoyable, especially the part that all of us are playing the drum and different types of musical instruments. Really amazing that such simple instruments can make lovely music just like we are preparing for a big performance; and also the ‘instruct-and-receive’ activity on communication, which I find is very important as in our daily life there are always communication breakdown that leads to miss-understanding. This event certainly helps to build rapport and teamwork.  We get to know a bit more about all our colleagues around us whom we seldom encounter and also know who are the more creative type.

Overall, it was a well-organized event and I could feel that everyone enjoyed themselves very much.”

Really enjoyed myself that evening despite waking up the next day with sore/bruised hands. It is a new experience for me especially doing the teambuilding with a musical touch. It’s a totally new experience and very refreshing as compared to treasure hunt, charades and games.  Just feel that it’s a bit rush though and quite late.  Nevertheless, I had a smashing time!!

Team drumming will probably sit in my memory for many years to come. It was very engaging and really fun. I can see that everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. I strongly feel that our team has grown stronger and closer after this wonderful event especially when even after the event, everyone helped out in tidying the room (keeping the drums, bursting balloons, etc). We definitely BEAT AS ONE* and will probably carry this rhythm throughout.

To sum it all, we came as individuals, we left as an orchestra.  How true it was, as I recall that one activity requiring us to ‘perform’ with the different lengths of multi-colour hollow rods synchronising in a melodious unison under the cues of the facilitators.  What a superb and wonderfully-coordinated activity through much collaborative effort.  And all of that was incredibly done through music, the universal language.

We take this opportunity also to extend our grateful thanks to your facilitators and musicians for professionally conducting the event, culminating in all of us visibly pleased and satisfied.  It was very fulfilling for all of us to come together for a great performance collectively, entertaining one another and be entertained.”