General Conditions

General conditions
These general conditions apply to every offer and every agreement between Drum Cafe and a client, to which Drum Cafe has declared these conditions to be applicable, insofar as the parties have not deviated from these conditions explicitly and in writing.
The present conditions also apply to all Drum Cafe agreements, where third parties are involved in the implementation.

Implementation of the agreement
The agreement must be confirmed by the client through signature and return of this agreement by mail.
On contracting the agreement the client stands guarantor for the presence of the required licenses (for example noise nuisance) and cannot claim supremacy in the event of refusal of them.
Drum Cafe will carry out the agreement to their best judgment and capacity and with skill.
The client ensures that all data, where Drum Cafe indicates that these are necessary or which the client should reasonably understand are necessary for the implementation of the agreement, are supplied to Drum Cafe in a timely manner.

Payment must occur within 30 days after invoice date, in the manner indicated on the invoice, in the currency used on the invoice.
The costs in the event of payment later than agreed and incurred to collect the chargeable amount (possibly using third parties), including the costs for legal assistance, are charged entirely to the client.

After every service provided, Drum Cafe allows the client evaluation time, and complaints must be notified to Drum Cafe in writing, within 14 days.

Drum Cafe accepts no liability for physical injury of participants in training sessions or workshops.
Drum Cafe is never liable for consequential damage.

Statement labor relationship This activities arises no employment , we declare no use of employee insurance . This applies to all members of the Drum Cafe team.


Drum Cafe sets the following minimum requirements to be able to carry out the event:
A dry location. For every location that does not comply with this, the organizer is to provide an alternative location if such is considered necessary by Drum Cafe, e.g. in case of (imminent) rain. This condition also applies to loading and unloading of the instruments.
We require a parking for a van 2.80 high.

Cancellations and modifications
If the number of participants is less than the number stated in the confirmation, there will be no refund. In the event of a larger number of participants we will, if necessary, carry out a re-calculation and send a new confirmation for that. The old confirmation remains legally valid until the new confirmation, signed by the client, is received by us. In the event of modifications in the set-up of the program we will re-calculate and send a new confirmation where the old agreement remains legally valid until the new agreement, signed by the client is received by us. In the event of modifications of the program, we will charge the cancellation costs over the difference between the old and the new agreement, with a minimum of € 750. -.
In the event of cancellation more than 30 days prior to the starting day of the service we will charge € 750.- in administration costs; in the event of cancellation of the workshop by the client less than 30 days prior to the starting day of the service we will charge 50% of the agreed sum, with a minimum of € 750. -; in the event of cancellation up to two weeks prior to the starting day of the service the charge will be the entire agreed sum.
Cancellations are only dealt with on working days during office hours. Cancellations outside these office hours are considered to have taken place on the next working day.