Beat the Brexit

3 min

The outcome of the referendum in England was a clear signal.
One final call we would say at Drum Cafe. And what a call it was.

With a big bang, the British left themselves and many in Europe dazed behind.
So, Brexit it is. What now? What else could have be done?

As we wade through the media an important lesson in leadership shows up:

Communication is core business
I do not know about your ready-to-use knowledge regarding benefits of a united Europe, but many British man on the street had difficulties to mention something that was worthwhile to stay for them in the European Union.

Proponents shielded with generalities as protection against war, open borders, easy work permits, a single currency and free movement of goods. Generally subjects particularly known well to governments and large companies but barely hit “George and Mildred” in everydays life.

The opponents had it easier; they played conveniently onto sentiments as the so called stealing of jobs and homes by migrants and refugees. Such kind of populism we sadly all know too well for centuries and unfortunately always used in times of economic crisis.

No stress

Fear, selfishness and especially ignorance are important drivers of human behavior. And this behavior was the main reason that a relatively small majority could force a very important decision. Whether that is good or bad, I leave to you. The point here is that a leader has to bend  ignorance to knowledge.

Because it is very striking that the importance of good communication is still underestimated again and again. Once told a comrade to me: ‘You have said it, but I did not hear it’. That could have been up to me but also people hear want they want to hear, because the message in this case was not so pleasant.

So as the receiving party you must be of good will. For if you do not like the message or do not take the messenger seriously, you can easily outhaul the other. Overwhelm him with lots of noise and nonsense, just like what happened before the Brexit polls.

It’s like playing drums. It’s not every man for himself tapping autistic on the drum. You do not play in a bubble but you have to watch and listening, really hear and understand each other.

United we play, divided we pray
For years Brussels (headquarter European Union) pushed aside reasonable objections as insignificant British sentiments. And British leaders probably lost their appetite to explain the benefits of a United Europe to all those ‘fools’ who did not comprehend the big picture.

But explaining complicated matters to ordinary people like you and me is exactly one of the main tasks of a leader. That job is never done, no final call or break for that matter.

At Drum Cafe Benelux we take time to feel the rhythm, so that you’re not ‘off beat’ .
Our facilitators and musicians have the skills to let any group of people play together in harmony.
This sounds beautiful and is definitely a lot more fun.

So play with us … One beat at a time.
Patrick Tromp