With offices in over 20 countries around the world, my team at Drum Cafe is well versed in approaching the unique set of challenges that come with bonding an international team. Having a deep understanding of diversity and inclusion is critical to successful communication and innovation. We recently had an amazing event with a company that engineers and manufactures filtration, silencing and separation products, with a strong focus on communication. Their event was all about strengthening bonds and encouraging fearless collaboration. Their commitment to giving their team the tools to create successful relationships should serve as an inspiration to other global organizations. Here are three considerations for your team to learn from this company’s lead:

  1. Invest in team building with quality professionals – Drum Cafe is considered an expert in their field. We know how to help guide corporate teams to connection through so many various hurdles. From finding translators to make sure the event goes smoothly and is understood by all, to designing a cohesive program, trust the professionals. You want everyone on your team to benefit from the experience, and we know how to do that. No one should feel isolated or excluded from a team building event, and bringing everyone together to the same page is crucial. Give everyone the opportunity to participate in moments that inspire emotion, understanding, and connection.
  2. Try activities that are outside of the box—physical activities can also enhance communication. When you want to unite a global team, it can be especially powerful to show them that there’s more to their bond than verbal communication. For example, Drum Cafe has been bringing people together, overcoming diversity of all kinds, through our interactive and music-infused events. You don’t need to speak the same language to play a drum in sync with the team. Getting employees to laugh, dance, or drum together is an unforgettable experience, and an amazing way to bond.
  3. Create cross-departmental teams outside of the traditional structure to mix it up. Setting up a diversity council with team members from across the organization forces those who normally wouldn’t interact with one another to find connection. This gives employees a chance to be creative, to brainstorm and to work with people that they otherwise wouldn’t have, strengthening both your team and their understanding of diversity.

What types of events or initiatives have you found to be successful for your team?